One Direction's Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson have always been close, but apparently things have now progressed so far that Larry Stylinson are even happy to spill the beans about that casual evenings they spend tucked up in bed together. We wish we could tell you this comes as a surprise, but let's be honest, you all saw it coming, didn't you? It really isn't unusual for us to spend a large part of our day imagining the kind of things the lads get up to in their spare time and funnily enough, it sounds like Harry and Louis' bedtime antics aren't actually that far off the rather wonderful things we had in mind.

"We do really normal things," Louis explained in a recent interview with Top Of The Pops magazine.

Oh OK, like  picking the fluff out of your bellybutton and feeding each other bites of fajita or something? Err no, not in the magical world of Larry Stylinson anyway.

"Like a couple of weeks ago I made a cup of tea, then went and got in bed with Harry and we watched a show called something like The Top 50 Boybands Of All Time," he continued.

From the sound of things three is most definitely a crowd and there's no spooning for Liam, who apparently keeps far away from the other two on his day off.

Think our idea of normal is a tiny bit different to yours Louis, but MAN would we like an open invitation to snuggle up in a Harry Styles sandwich. 

"When you've been away from home so much, you really miss it. It becomes fun just to go to your local mall," Liam explained.

Suppose it must get rather boring watching Harry and Louis making eyes at each other over the kettle every evening..

Wait a second, NO IT WOULDN'T.  What are you thinking Liam, really?

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Niall & Liam

Altfor søte'huh?

Jeg syntes dere er litt dårlige til å kommentere... Null kommentarer - Null tilbakemeldinger - Null inspirasjon til å fortsette - Null blogging. Okei? Takk!

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Harry og Louis

åh, så fine de er! ♥ Jeg stikker på skolen nå, så det blir dårlig oppdatering helt til klokken tre. Da er jeg tilbake!

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