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I nervously shifted in my seat, not able to contain my excitement. I would be arriving back in Mullingar in less than 10 minutes; back home, back to Niall. He had kissed me before I left for the summer; confessed that he had feelings for me. I had been waiting forever for these words to leave his mouth; sleepless nights, unbearable lessons in school, lonely hours at home. But now, he would finally be mine. They boy I?d known forever, the boy I had watched growing up beside me; best friends forever, that sort of thing.

Months ago, though, the love I had always had for him increased to something I?d never felt before. He?d always been the boy with blonde spiky hair, the mesmerizing blue eyes, his laugh infectious. Back then, telling him about my feelings for him was impossible. I had watched him go from girl to girl, supported him, stayed up all night with him whenever he felt down. The heartache I felt whenever he told me he?d met a new girl was unbearable.

But when I saw him in his suit the night of our school dance, I just couldn?t hold my love for him back anymore. I confessed my feelings for him, then left him standing there, in no way expecting him to say anything of the same sort back to me.
The day after, while I was waiting at the station for my train to my summer destination to arrive, Niall appeared. The blues of his eyes, the fruity red of his lips hypnotizing me as he told me he felt the same way about me. Then he kissed me with the sweet lips of his; my mind went wild with fireworks, the goosebumps rose even now at the thought. The electric buzz that had rushed through my veins still sends shivers up my spine.

Having to leave for the summer had devastated me; 2 months away, 2 months without seeing him. Niall told he  me would wait for me, that he?d be standing at on the exact same spot waiting for me the day I?d return. And now, the day had finally arrived.

I quickly got out a little pocket mirror to check if I looked okay. The blue of my eyes that would usually stand out, did even more so now as I?d gotten a tan. I noticed the mix of blonde and brown of my hair had descended rather to blonde than brown, because of the sun. I ran my fingers through it, before I quickly put some nice smelling, and tasting, lipbalm on my lips. Lastly, I sprayed a bit of perfume on neck.
As I looked out the window I noticed the familiar shops and buildings rush by, my breathing got faster, drops of sweat were building on the palms of my hands; I was back in Mullingar. I wiped the sweat of my hands on my floral floaty top and my denim shorts off.

The driver made an announcement saying we had finally arrived.
I felt the tension of my muscles as I got my bag off the storage, my making myself ready to get off. I took deep breaths, trying to calm myself, telling myself everything would be alright. When the train got to a full stop, everyone got up and queued up to leave.
Nervously nibbling on the inside of my cheek I tried avoiding to looks out the window, just in case I?d see him; and he?d see me, standing there like a complete airhead, waiting to finally be able to get off the train.
Eventually I arrived at the door and slowly got off, pulling my heavy suitcase behind me, before I flung my leather bag over my shoulder. The sun made my skin tingle and dazzled my eyes and caused them to twitch. I put my hand on my forehead, trying to shadowmy eyes and shield them from the bright sunlight.

night. I couldn?t help but smile as I read it. 

I looked around through the tons of people that had now appeared. But I couldn?t see the familiar, upsticking hair anywhere. Didn?t Niall come like he promised to?
I shook my head; impossible. He told me he would come and Niall never broke his promise. Nonetheless, the corners of my mouth edged downwards, my eyebrows furrowed closer. I check the time; 2:32. Maybe he was just late? I looked at my phone to see if he?d texted or called me, but nothing. The last text I?d gotten from him was from last 

Niall  ?See you tomorrow beautiful :D xxx?

I shoved the phone back in my pocket and sideways leaned against a wall, resting one hand on my hip. Justen then I heard the ever so familiar deep voice I adored so much call my name. ?Shauneen!?
My heartbeat got faster and I felt myself blushing. Inhaling deeply, I bit down on the bottom of my lip and slowly turned around, only to be met by the beautiful face of the boy I was crazy about. A big smile spread across his face as he paced towards me, his steps now quicker. I myself couldn?t help but my mouthends curling up to a smile as I watched him; he was wearing blue jeans, a white printed top and high tops. When Niall finally arrived before me, it was in a matter of seconds he had pulled me into a hug. He wrapped his strong arms round my waist, I spun mine round his neck. Being this close to him again after such a long time of being away made my mind run wild and get blurry; the odoriferous scent of his cologne wasn?t very helpful in trying to keep a straight mind, either.

?I?m so glad you?re back.?, he muttered, his mouth pressed against my hair. ?It?s good to be back.?, I replied as he released his grip. It was just now I got a closer look at him; the brown roots of his hair had grown out and blended in with the blonde of his hair. He?d gotten a bit of a tan as well, his nose seeming more red than brown though. ?Look at you, Rudolph.?, I teased and flicked the tip of his nose with my index finger. He let out the contagious laugh of his and I couldn?t help but giggle along. But when we?d stopped, his eyes were fixed on mine, almost penetrating me. His mouth twitched into a halfsmile as I blushed and glanced away.

?I missed you.?, he said, putting one hand round my waist, pulling me closer. I looked back up at him, ?I missed you too.? He bent down a bit before he tilted his head sideways a bit. ?Good.?, he whispered teasingly, our faces now inches away. I brought my hands up to his chest as he held my back. I felt him smile as he let his lips brush over mine, making them ache with the need for his. Gradually Niall had places his lips softly on mine, making the electric buzz appear once again. Our mouths moved rythmically as I spun my arms round his neck, letting my fingers get lost in his hair. Too soon we had to pull away, both gasping for air. I?d believed the kiss we had shared the day I left couldn?t be topped, but I was clearly wrong.

With one swift movement Niall had pulled my suitcase away from my hand into his and entwined the fingers of his other hand with mine. ?Now come on, everybody?s excited to see you.? He smiled broadly at me and I blushed, as we made our way out of the station.This was the beginning of something wonderful, I could feel it.

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// niall og baby lux utrolig søtt!!! 

// looking good! 

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niall med venner i LA


// xx 

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Holly told "Now magazine":

'We were apart for four weeks, Which felt really long Because we distressed to see eachother all the time.

'One day Niall called and said "" I think we Should finish because i never see you. "

'I said, "Yeah, I know. In understand. So it's cool. "

'I think he felt bad Because he kept saying: "I'm so sorry." I tried to sound like it was no big deal but it was 

a bit sad for me.


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søtnosen selv 


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niall og demi?





// skal jeg begynne å oversette sakene jeg finner på engelske nettsider? xx 

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Er dette Niall's nye kjæreste?

Ryktene sier at dette er Niall Horans nye kjæreste. Hun heter Ali og kommer fra Irland - Mullingar. De møttes sist når Niall var hjemme for noen dager siden. Ali sier til pressen at de er veldig nærme hverandre, men hun vil ikke kommentere saken om de er sammen enda. Pressen har også undersøkt dette med Niall, og han velger også og ikke kommentere saken noe nærmere.

Hva tror du?

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Niall's ex døde av kreft... RIP

Niall Horan's ex-kjæreste døde av kreft mandag kveld. Hun hadde hatt kreft i noen år, og det tok brått og uventet slutt på livet hennes.

Engelske pressefolk sier at Niall har valgt å ikke kommentere saken, men at han har sett veldig lei seg ut de siste dagene....

Niall er foresten i Irland nå, med sin fantastiske familie. (:


- Monica

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Niall Horan funfacts

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Niall på båten i Australia

Og som alltid..... spiser han.

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Niall Horan

Niall Horan er født 13. september 1993. Han kommer fra Irland og er den eneste som ikke er britisk i bandet. Han er singel (!!!). Han spiller gitar og synger. :-)

~ bildedryss

Hva syntes du om han?

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