One Direction have had such a mad busy year that we can?t even begin to start reeling off the things they have achieved. Some stand out moments were obviously winning a Brit Award and heading straight tonumber one in the US Charts.

But has the world fully recovered from all these changing-the-face-of-music moments and ready for some new One Direction music? Because, according to a source, it?s on it way..

One Direction releasing new music in November

An insider told the Daily Star: ?The plan is top have a new single out around November, with the album to follow a week or two later.?

Now, if this person is telling the truth, then there could be another smash hit What Makes you Beautiful-esque song coming our way VERY SOON.

That thought it a little too exciting for us. And for them.

One Direction releasing new music in November?

We?re presuming that the lads will be looking to emulate the success Up All Night had with their second album, and we think the key to that is finding the perfect album name.

But what on earth will they come up with?

We have some suggestions:

Five Guys, Twelve Nipples 
Cougar Town 
Exploded Ovaries

If any of you have any more to add to our list, please do not hesitate to let us know.