Vain Zayn is a name which we?re sure Directioners are quite aware of. We?re also sure Directioners are quite aware of the fact that Zayn Malikdoes take pride in his appearance, but is generally a little shy about the whole thing.

However, Zayn was only to happy to share with Top Of The Pops magazine how he get?s his barnet looking so darn good.

Zayn explained: ?My hair takes about 25 minutes to do. It has to be blow-dried a certain was for my quiff ? I don?t just wake up with it looking like this in the morning.

?Sometimes I do it myself, but if I?m going to an event, someone will do it for me.?

That?s a pretty exact way to get your quiff looking so good Zayn, but hey, we?re totally not complaining.

Zayn is normally not very happy about being called vain, but when it comes to his hair, he seems only too happy to talk until the cows come home.

Bless him.

We like a man who takes pride in his quiff. We're just not sure if men like us because we always measure them.


// kilde er 

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her er da enda en som er med zayn. om noen lurte er disse ikke skrevet av meg. jeg finner de på nette og poster de. så jeg kopierer de, men tar ikke noe ære for dette! unnskyld for at de er på engelsk... 

håper dere liker disse innleggene! hva synes du? xx


Exhaustion was streaming throughout my entire body as I slumped myself onto a seat in the bus towards home. Plugging my earphones in, I turned the music of my iPod on to the maximum, sighing as Jason Mraz?s voice filled my eardrums, closing my eyes.

The new job I?d started at this week was taking all my enegry and the somtimes 12-hour days were destroying the entire concept of any kind of social life; let alone a romance. I was just going to have to deal with it. It wasn?t like I had much prospects of love before I started this job.

The slight vibrations that went through my head as it rested on the window to my left strangely soothed me. I felt the bus come to a stand at the next stop, feeling myself slowly dozing off.
As the bus?s wheels suddenly started moving again, the side of my head jolted against the window.

?Fuck.?, I cursed, shooting my eyes open, and rubbing my head. Frowning in anger and frustration at everything, I groaned as I sat up straight. Pulling my hair up into a bun, I rubbed my face, careful not to wipe the remainders of my make-up away.

Sighing again, I blinked a few times as I faced my front again. Only to be met by the face of an angel as it stared at me in pure amusement. 
His eyes were a warm hazel, framed by endless lashes. His skin was a soft brown, his sleek, black hair sitting perfectly atop his head in a quiff. One of his mouthends was curled up as he glanced at me, one of his chino clad legs resting atop the other in a typically boy-ish manner, arms crossed in front of his chest as he leant back.

My cheeks flushed a deep shade of magenta as my eyes caught his, instinctively brushing a stray of hair in my face to hide myself; metaphorically.
No matter how nervous I felt right now, or how increasingly fast my heart thudded beneath my chest; I just couldn?t tear my eyes away from him.
The light golden twinkle in them had me captivated, unable to do anything else but stare at him. My shyness won over again, however, causing me to blink a few times, before glancing away.

I saw his pink lips curving into a grin out of the corner of my eyes, palms starting to sweat. Overcoming myself and daring to look back at him; his eyes finding mine instantly.
The next few minutes felt like a complete staring contest, smiles and sparks flying between us. I didn?t know what this was, but it felt amazing; as if there was nothing bad in the world, and most of all, no more tiredness or exhaustion seemed to remain in my body. Everything felt good, just as long I had him looking back at me.

Disappointment seeped through my expression as I looked out the window and saw we were nearing the stop I had to get off at. Stuffing my iPod into my bag, I slung it over my shoulder as I got up from my seat.
I felt his eyes boring into me as he watched me, my feet tapping on the floor as I stood by the door.

?I?m Zayn.?, I suddenly heard a smooth, deep voice say from behind me; my insides knotting up. Tilting my head over my shoulder, it was no one else but the beautiful boy that had lit up my day looking at me, smile still permanent on his face. ?I?m Lily.?, I replied, the giddiness of my emotional state obvious in my voice. ?Bye, Lily.? Giving him a little wave as he batted an eyelid, I left the bus; eager for tomorrow to pass and see him again.

But I never did.

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zayn og perrie

// søtinger ! 

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zayn på flyplassen

Er ikke helt sikker på hva han gjør på flyplassen egentlig, men folk sier at han skal til England for å besøke Perrie for hun fikk ikke tid til å komme til USA for å besøke han.  


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harry og zayn sin nye tattovering

// dette er da harry sin nye tatovering som er fra en sang har jeg hørt. 


// dette sies og være zayn sin nye tatovering.  


hva synes dere? xx

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intervju i usa

// dette er første gangen jeg har sett zayn si ja til at han har kjæreste. 

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Gratulerer zayn!

Endelig er det offisielt.... Zayn og Pierre er et par! Se hvor søte de er!

Jeg er glad for at zayn endelig er lykkelig. Han fortjener kun det beste!

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Zayns nye hårfrisyre

Zayn har klippet seg! Hva tycker du?

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Til dere som enda ikke har presentert zayn, deres kjære, er dette det fineste bildet av han.

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Zayn og hans kusine idag

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Zayn Malik Funfacts

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Vas happenin' ?

~ det er derfor vi elsker Zayn.

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Zayn drar fra London

Her drar Zayn fra London for så å dra hjem til familien!

Zayn og en fan. #IwishIwasher


Åh, han er så fin!

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Zayn Malik

Zayn Malik er født 12. januar 1993 og kommer fra England. Han er singel. Han er kjent for sine ekstremt bra soloer live på konsertene til One Direction. Vi elsker Zayn!

~ bildedryss

Liker du Zayn?

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